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Grant 406/08/0710     1.1.2008 - 31.12.2010
Grantor: Grant Agency of Czech Republic (GACR)

Development of Mathematical Literacy in Primary Education

In the project proposal mathematics education is understood as one of the constituents of general primary school education (pupilss aged 6 - 15) whose aim is universal development of a pupil's personality. Following issues will be explored: (a) appropriate conception of mathematics with balanced motivation, operable, application and work factors, (b) work of the teacher who is well aware of his/her role and modifies his/her work with respect to his/her beliefs, particular school and class practice and goals of mathematics education. Pupils' cognition will be treated in its relation to teachers' activities. The result of the project elaboration of studies in the following fields: (a) mathematical literacy of primary school pupils specifiedon the level of content and teaching forms in primary education, (b) characterisation of competences in didactics of mathematics and its relation to teachers´ beliefs, (c) importance of the use of calculus (computation) in problem solving.

 Main investigator:

Tichá Marie

 IM team members:  
Macháčková Jana
Roubíček Filip
 Participating institutions:

Institute of Mathematics, AS CR,
University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Education, JCU, PF,
University of Hradec Králové, Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics, PřF UHK