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Grant 201/05/2033     1.1.2005 - 31.12.2007
Grantor: Grant Agency of Czech Republic (GACR)

Function spaces and weighted inequalities for integral operators

The main goal of this project is to find easily verifiable conditions which characterize embeddings of function spaces and boundedness of linear and quasilinear operators acting
between function spaces, and to apply obtained results in the theory of real interpolation.
The problems we propose to be studied are central to Mathematical Analysis, in particular in the study of PDE's, integral operators, function spaces, and the real interpolation. In addition to their intrinsic interest and importance they underpin much of the work in
subjects as diverse as Fluid Mechanics and Mathematical Physics. They involve techniques which have been developed a~great deal during the last decade and the members of our grant group have taken part in their development. The participants of the grant project published a~number of important results from the given field in well-known academic journals.

 Main investigator:

Gogatishvili Amiran

 IM team members:  
Opic Bohumír
 Participating institutions:

Institute of Mathematics, AS CR,
Czech Univerzity fo Life Sciences Prague, CZU