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Grant IAA100190804     1.1.2008 - 31.12.2010
Grantor: Grant Agency of Czech Academy of Sciences

The motion of rigid bodies in liquid: mathematical analysis, numerical simulation and related problems

In the framework of the project we will study the steady flow around bodies. We will consider the case when the direction of the angular velocity and of the velocity at infinity are or are not parallel. We will extend the results from the previous project, where the angular and tranlation velocities were parallel. We will study the linear cases and Navier-Stokes equations. We will investigate the existence of solution, asymptotic behaviour, resolvent and spectrum problem. Further, we will study the motion of several bodies in the fluid. We will consider the influence of boundary conditions and possibility of collisions. In this part we will study the existence of weak solution for steady and non-steady cases. We will investigate fluid flows described by Navier-Stokes equations as well as by non-Newtonian models. We will investigate the modeling of blood flow and related cardiovascular cases. Next to it the numerical simulation of severeal models will be performed.

 Main investigator:

Nečasová Šárka

 Participating institutions:

Institute of Mathematics, AS CR,
Faculty of Engineering, Czech Technical University, FS CVUT,
Mathematical and Physical faculty, Charles University , MFF UK