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Grant LC06052     1.1.2006 - 31.12.2011
Grantor: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports - MŠMT

Nečas Center for Mathematical Modeling - part IM

The general goal of the Nečas Center for Mathematical Modeling is to establish a significant scientific team in the field of mathematical properties of models in continuum mechanics and thermodynamics, developed by an intensive collaboration of five important research teams at three Prague affiliations and their goal-directed collaboration with top experts from abroad. The research projects of the center include: 1) Nonlinear theoretical, numerical and computer analysis of problems of continuum physics. 2) Heat-conductive and deforming processes in compressible fluids, incompressible substances of fluid type, and in linearly elastic matters. 3) Interaction of the substances. 4) Biochemical procedures in substances. 5) Passages between models, dimensional analysis.

 Main investigator:

Feireisl Eduard

 Participating institutions:

Institute of Mathematics, AS CR,
Faculty of Nuclear Science, Czech Technical University, FJFI CVUT,
Mathematical Institute of Charles University, Prague , MU UK