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Grant 20-14736S     1.1.2020 - 31.12.2022
Grantor: Czech Science Foundation

Hysteresis modeling in mathematical engineering


Rate-independent hysteresis memory is known to occur in many physical processes such as magnetization of ferromagnetic materials, fluid flow through porous media, and phase transitions. Theoretical understanding of hysteresis mechanisms is of a key importance in engineering applications, where neglecting dissipative hysteresis effects in numerical predictions may lead to error accumulation and discrepancies with experiments. Most of the modern multifunctional materials used for high-precision devices exhibit hysteresis, which has to be taken into account in mathematical modeling. Surprisingly, hysteresis is also present in economic models. We focus here on mathematical and computational aspects of hysteresis in the whole range of applications. Special attention will be paid to the theoretical analysis of typical problems arising in dealing with smart materials, water-ice phase transitions in porous solids, and economics.

  IM leader :

Monteiro Giselle Antunes

  Main investigator:

Krejčí  Pavel