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Grant GA19-09659S     1.1.2019 - 31.12.2021
Grantor: Czech Science Foundation

Exact solutions of gravity theories: black holes, radiative spacetimes and electromagnetic fields


Exact solutions to Einstein gravity play a crucial role in the understanding of many mathematical and physical aspects of the theory. In recent years, for several theoretical reasons, various modifications of Einstein gravity and their solutions have been studied. Due to the complexity of resulting field equations, very few exact solutions of such theories are known. We plan to construct and study exact solutions to Einstein gravity and various higher-order
gravities, such as quadratic gravity and Lovelock gravity, with a strong focus on black hole solutions, radiative spacetimes, and p-form fields. We also intend to study generic properties of certain classes of spacetimes, such as asymptotically flat spacetimes. When appropriate, we will benefit from employing mathematical methods, such as algebraic classification and a generalized GHP formalism developed in part by our team.

 Main investigator:

Pravda Vojtěch

 Participating institutions:

Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences