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Grant GA17-00941S     1.1.2017 - 31.12.2019
Grantor: Czech Science Foundation

Topological and geometrical properties of Banach spaces and operator algebras II


We wish to investigate the structure of Banach spaces, C*-algebras and Jordan algebras and their relationship. Main topics include quantitative approach to Banach spaces, various methods of separable reduction, decompositions of Banach spaces to smaller subspaces, integral representation of affine Baire functions, descriptive properties of weak topologies, small sets in Banach spaces and Polish groups, universal spaces in various categories of Banach spaces, operators and their numerical ranges, structure of abelian subalgebras of a C*-algebra, of associative subalgebras of a Jordan algebra and related structures, different types of order in operator algebras, representation of morphisms on various substructures of operator algebras, Bell's inequalities and quantum correlations. We wish to focus especially on those problems where the mentioned areas intersect each other and by solving them to contribute to clarification of connections among various areas of functional analysis.

  IM leader :

Fabian Marián

  Main investigator:

Kalenda  Ondřej

 IM team members:  
Kurka Ondřej
Müller Vladimír