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Grant GA14-01417S     1.1.2014 - 31.12.2016
Grantor: Czech Science Foundation (GAČR)

Enhancing mathematics content knowledge of future primary teachers via inquiry based education

The proposed research will focus on the opportunities to influence professional competences of future primary mathematics teachers through experienced inquiry based mathematics education (IBME). The main project activities are:

1) Clarifying the concept of IBME in the Czech context.
2) Designing and testing learning environments for future primary teachers in which they experience IBME as pupils.
3) Analyzing how students are able to evolve the gained experience into strengthening their mathematical SMK.
4) Analyzing how students are able to evolve IBME environments into own illustrations, examples, explanations and powerful analogies, that is how students are able to transform the SMK into PCK.

  IM leader :

Tichá Marie

  Main investigator:

Samková  Libuše

 IM team members:  
Roubíček Filip
 Participating institutions:

University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Coordinator
Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences