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Grant DISC(224498)     1.9.2008 - 31.8.2011
Grantor: European Commission

Distributed Supervisory Control of large plants

Programme type: FP7 Information and Communication Technologies

The objective of DISC is the design of supervisors and fault detectors exploiting the concurrency and the modularity of the plant model. Coordinated controllers should preferably be designed using only local plant behaviour models, and requiring only limited information exchange between the different local controllers.
We plan to use several techniques to reduce the computational complexity of solving the above mentioned problem for distributed plants: modularity in the modelling and control design phases;
decentralized control with communicating controllers;
modular state identification, distributed diagnosis and modular fault detection based on the design of partially decentralized observers;
fluidisation of some discrete event dynamics to reduce state space cardinality.

The expected outcome of this project are: new methodologies for applying the above described techniques for embedded controllers to distributed plants; new tools for the modelling, simulation and supervisory control design that will be part of an integrated software platform; the application of these methodologies to a few cases of industrial relevance using the developed tools; the dissemination of the results.

 Main investigator:

Komenda Jan

 IM team members:  
Masopust Tomáš
 Participating institutions:

University of Cagliari, Italy (Coordinator)
CWI - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Ghent University, Belgium
Technical University of Berlin, Germany
University of Zaragoza, Spain
INRIA, France
Akhela s.r.l., Italy
Institute of Mathematics, AS CR
Ministry of the Flemish Government, Belgium
CyBio AG, Germany