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Grant DML-CZ     1.1.2005 - 31.12.2009
Grantor: Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

DML-CZ: The Czech Digital Mathematics Library

The aim of the project is to investigate, develop and apply techniques, methods and tools allowing to create proper infrastructure and conditions for implementation of the Czech Digital Mathematical Library (DML-CZ) containing the relevant part of special mathematical literature which has been published in the Czech lands and for its incorporation into the World Digital Mathematical Library (WDML).
The solution will include launching the digitization process and providing access to the digitized material for end users. In this connection research of advanced technologies for search in mathematical documents will start as well as inclusion of born-digital materials.
The project involves a design and an implementation of solutions of interconnected problem circles in the following five regions: acquisition of selected materials to be digitized and handling the IPR, digitization and provision of metadata, creation of structured digital documents, creation of the digital library and its incorporation into the WDML.
The DML-CZ should primarily contain specialized journals of international level published by Czech institutions, such as the Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal and Applications of Mathematics published by the Mathematical Institute AS CR, Kybernetika published by the Institute of Automation and Information Theory AS CR and others. Next, conference proceedings published by the Czech universities and research institutes, selected monographs, textbooks, dissertation theses, research reports etc. will be included. Measures will be taken to complement the digital library with materials which have been digitized earlier (e.g. Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae, Mathematica Bohemica, Archivum Mathematicum digitized by the Göttinger DigitalisierungsZentrum within the project DIEPER). According to preliminary estimate the core of the DML-CZ should contain about 300 000 pages.

 Main investigator:

Rákosník Jiří

Final report