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Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics (AGMP)

Head: Pravda Vojtěch  Mgr., Ph.D., DSc.

The department was formed in 2014 from researchers interested in algebraic and differential geometry and on closely related areas of mathematical physics. The research is focused on mathematical aspects of modern theoretical models of physics of microcosmos and gravity.

 Research themes
  • Algebraic and differential geometry
  • algebraic and differential geometry
    representation theory (vertex algebras), applications to algebraic geometry and number theory
    homological algebra
    algebraic topology
    applied category theory
  • Mathematical physics
  • classfication of tensors
    Einstein's equations
    generalized theories of gravity
   Erler  Theodore   Researcher
   Hrbek  Michal   Postdoc
   Jurčo  Branislav   Researcher
   Khavkine  Igor   Researcher
   Kubíček  Jan   Ph.D. student
   Kuchynka  Martin   Ph.D. student
   Lanari  Edoardo   Postdoc
   Mach  Martin   Ph.D. student
   Markl  Martin   Researcher
   Matsunaga  Hiroaki   Postdoc
   Obradović  Jovana   Postdoc
   Ortaggio  Marcello   Researcher
   Positselski  Leonid   Researcher
   Pravda  Vojtěch   Researcher
   Pravdová  Alena   Researcher
   Schnabl  Martin   Researcher
   Schreiber  Urs   Researcher
   Strung  Karen   Researcher
   Tintěra  Tomáš   Ph.D. student
   Zuevsky  Alexander   Researcher


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   Horváth  Bence   Postdoc    from 2019 2019
   Málek  Tomáš   Postdoc    from 2014 2019
   Novák  Jan   Ph.D. student    from 2014 2015
   Vysoký  Jan   Postdoc    from 2016 to 2018