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Mathematical Logic and Theoretical Computer Science (MLTCS)

Head: Pudlák Pavel  Prof. RNDr., DrSc.

Our department traditionally focuses on logic, algebra, combinatorics and theoretical computer science. Currently the main topics are proof complexity, bounded arithmetic, and computational complexity, complemented with researcher into finite combinatorics, set theory, and geometry.

 Research themes
  • mathematical logic and complexity theory
  • proof complexity
    computational complexity
    finite combinatorics
    logical foundations of natural numbers
    set theory
   Chodounský  David   Researcher
   Folwarczný  Lukáš   Ph.D. student
   Garbe  Frederik   Postdoc
   Gavinsky  Dmitry   Researcher
   Grebík  Jan   Ph.D. student
   Hladký  Jan   Researcher
   Hrubeš  Pavel   Researcher
   Jalali Keshavarz  Raheleh   Ph.D. student
   Jeřábek  Emil   Researcher
   Khaniki  Erfan   Ph.D. student
   Le  Hong Van   Researcher
   Pelekis  Christos   Researcher
   Pudlák  Pavel   Researcher
   Šottová  Viera   Ph.D. student
   Stejskalová  Šárka   Postdoc
   Talebanfard  Navid   Postdoc
   Thapen  Neil Dillip   Researcher
   Uhrik  Dávid   Ph.D. student
   Zapletal  Jindřich   Researcher


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   Akbar Tabatabai  Amirhossein   Ph.D. student    from 2014 to 2018
   Bulánek  Jan   Ph.D. student    from 2010 2014
   Chodounský  David   Postdoc    from 2011 2016
   de Oliveira Oliveira  Mateus   Postdoc    from 2014 to 2016
   Doucha  Michal   Ph.D. student    from 2009 2013
   Ebenlendr  Tomáš   Ph.D. student    from 2004 2011
   Fiedler  Miroslav   Researcher    from 1970 2015
   Garlík  Michal   Ph.D. student    from 2012 2013
   Garlík  Michal   Postdoc    from 2016 to 2016
   Glivický  Petr   Postdoc    from 2014 2014
   Hancock  Robert   Postdoc    from 2018 to 2019
   Horská  Anna   Ph.D. student    from 2011 to 2017
   Jeż  Łukasz   Researcher    from 2011 2013
   Koucký  Michal   Researcher    from 2004 to 2018
   Krajíček  Jan   Researcher    from 1989 2012
   Kuzeljević  Boriša   Postdoc    from 2017 to 2018
   Matsunaga  Hiroaki   Postdoc    from 2019 2019
   Pich  Ján   Ph.D. student    from 2011 2014
   Polach  František   Ph.D. student    from 2010 2012
   Sgall  Jiří   Researcher    from 1994 to 2016
   Šottová  Viera   Ph.D. student    from 2018 2019
   Stejskalová  Šárka   Ph.D. student    from 2017 2018
   Zajíček  Ondřej   Ph.D. student    from 2006 2012