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Evolution Differential Equations (EDE)

Head: Nečasová Šárka  RNDr., DSc.

The scope of this section covers qualitative aspects of theory of partial differential equations in mechanics and thermodynamics of continuum, in biology and in other sciences. The research aims at verification of correctness of mathematical models and of the possibility to provide theoretical predictions of future development of a system without the full knowledge of the initial state. The work focuses on investigation of equations describing fluid flow including heat exchange and interaction with solid bodies. Attention is paid also to processes in solid matters focusing on mathematical modelling of memory in multifunctional materials, to dynamical behaviour of bodies in a contact with an underlay, and to phase transitions. Several members cooperate with the Branch in Brno investigating the integration theory and ordinary differential equations.

 Research themes
  • Partial differential equations and mathematical theory of fluid dynamics
  • system of equations describing the fluid flow in a physically realistic setting
    qualitative behaviour of solutions to evolution equations
    thermomechanics modeling
    long time asymptotics
    boundary behaviour
    existence and localization of singularities
    modeling moving bodies surrounded by fluid
  • Theory of intergal and ordinary differential equations
  • generalized integral of Kurzweil-Henstock type
    generalized ordinary differential equations
   Bodnár  Tomáš   Researcher
   Feireisl  Eduard   Researcher
   Ghosh  Amrita   Postdoc
   Hanung  Umi Mahnuna   Ph.D. student
   Hooton  Edward   Postdoc
   Jarušek  Jiří   Researcher
   Kračmar  Stanislav   Researcher
   Krejčí  Pavel   Researcher
   Kreml  Ondřej   Researcher
   Kučera  Milan   Researcher
   Kučera  Petr   Researcher
   Kufner  Alois   Researcher
   Kurzweil  Jaroslav   Researcher
   Mácha  Václav   Researcher
   Medková  Dagmar   Researcher
   Mizerová  Hana   Postdoc
   Monteiro  Giselle Antunes   Researcher
   Navrátil  Josef   Ph.D. student
   Nečasová  Šárka   Researcher
   Neustupa  Jiří   Researcher
   Radoševič  Ana   Ph.D. student
   Scherz  Jan   Ph.D. student
   Schwarzacher  Sebastian   Postdoc
   Skalák  Zdeněk   Researcher
   Tvrdý  Milan   Researcher
   Vrkoč  Ivo   Researcher


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   Řezníček  Hynek   Ph.D. student    from 2018 to 2018
   Al Baba  Hind   Postdoc    from 2016 to 2018
   Březina  Jan   Ph.D. student    from 2008 2013
   Caggio  Matteo   Ph.D. student    from 2013 to 2017
   Chytilová  Lucie   Ph.D. student    from 2013 2013
   Deasy  Fergal   Ph.D. student    from 2010 2011
   Dell'Oro  Filippo   Postdoc    from 2014 2016
   Halas  Zdeněk   Ph.D. student    from 2004 2008
   Hošek  Radim   Ph.D. student    from 2013 to 2017
   Kobera  Marek   Ph.D. student    from 2014 2016
   Krbec  Miroslav   Researcher    from 1976 2012
   Kreml  Ondřej   Postdoc    from 2010 2015
   Kurka  Ondřej   Researcher    from 2017 2017
   Mácha  Václav   Postdoc    from 2013 2018
   Maslowski  Bohdan   Researcher    from 1981 2009
   Mesquita  Jaqueline Godoy   Ph.D. student    from 2011 2012
   Michálek  Martin   Ph.D. student    from 2013 to 2018
   Monteiro  Giselle Antunes   Ph.D. student    from 2010 2012
   Monteiro  Giselle Antunes   Postdoc    from 2013 2015
   Monteiro  Giselle Antunes   Researcher    from 2015 2016
   Nakatsuka  Tomoyuki   Postdoc    from 2016 to 2018
   Namlyeyeva  Yuliya   Researcher    from 2014 to 2018
   Opic  Bohumír   Researcher    from 1986 2010
   Petzeltová  Hana   Researcher    from 1974 to 2017
   Poul  Lukáš   Ph.D. student    from 2004 2008
   Saxl  Ivan   Researcher    from 1990 2009
   Schwabik  Štefan   Researcher    from 1964 2009
   She  Bangwei   Postdoc    from 2015 2018
   Stebel  Jan   Postdoc    from 2008 2013
   Stebel  Jan   Researcher    from 2013 2014
   Straškraba  Ivan   Researcher    from 1971 to 2017
   Sýkora  Petr   Ph.D. student    from 2012 2014
   Väth  Martin   Researcher    from 2009 2010
   Väth  Martin   Researcher    from 2015 2010
   Vodák  Rostislav   Ph.D. student    from 1999 2010