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Abstraktni analyza (AA)

Head: Kubiś Wiesław  Prof.

Theoretical concept of infinite dimensional analysis and geometry developed in functional analysis and topology is suitable for description of systems with extremely large number state variables. Members of this department focus on fundamental questions of the structure of mathematical objects in spaces created by abstraction of notion orginally defined to describe natural processes. This enables discovering hidden connections between individual elements of the system and helps to design methods for solution of particular problems in applied mathematics.

 Research themes
  • operator theory
  • open mapping and closed graph theorems
    operators in Banach and Hilbert spaces
    Banach algebras
    function theory
  • topology and functional analysis
  • fine topological properties of Banach spaces
    infinite-dimensional geometry
    theory of deformable media
    function spaces
    integral operators
    harmonic analysis
   Bartoš  Adam   Ph.D. student
   Di Liberti  Ivan   Ph.D. student
   Doležal  Martin   Researcher
   Doucha  Michal   Postdoc
   Engliš  Miroslav   Researcher
   Fabian  Marián   Researcher
   Ghasemi  Saeed   Postdoc
   Gogatishvili  Amiran   Researcher
   Hájek  Petr   Researcher
   Kąkol  Jerzy   Researcher
   Kania  Tomasz   Researcher
   Kolář  Jan   Researcher
   Kopecká  Eva   Researcher
   Kostana  Ziemowit   Ph.D. student
   Kubiś  Wiesław   Researcher
   Kurka  Ondřej   Researcher
   Müller  Vladimír   Researcher
   Novotný  Matěj   Ph.D. student
   Rákosník  Jiří   Researcher
   Šilhavý  Miroslav   Researcher


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   Ambrozie  Calin Grigore   Researcher    from 2004 2015
   Balcar  Bohuslav   Researcher    from 1970 2017
   Bielas  Wojciech   Postdoc    from 2016 to 2016
   Cibulka  Radek   Ph.D. student    from 2007 2008
   d'Alessandro  Stefania   Ph.D. student    from 2013 2014
   Doležal  Martin   Postdoc    from 2014 2017
   Doubek  Martin   Ph.D. student    from 2007 2011
   Draga  Szymon   Ph.D. student    from 2017 to 2018
   Honzík  Petr   Researcher    from 2007 2012
   John  Kamil   Researcher    from 1970 2012
   Kraus  Michal   Postdoc    from 2014 2015
   Markl  Martin   Researcher    from 1990 2014
   Pernecká  Eva   Ph.D. student    from 2012 2014
   Viscardi  Claudia   Ph.D. student    from 2015 2016
   Vršovský  Jan   Ph.D. student    from 2004 2010
   Walczyńska  Marta   Ph.D. student    from 2016 to 2016
   Zizler  Václav   Researcher    from 2004 2012
   Zuevsky  Alexander   Researcher    from 2014 2014