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Constructive Methods of Mathematical Analysis (CMMA)

Head: Křížek Michal  prof. RNDr., DrSc.

The department countinues the long tradition of investigation and use of numerical methods established in the Institute by the world leading specialist Prof. Ivo Babuška. The importance of such methods continues growing with the development of computational and experimental technique. Mathematical modelling of complex physical processes involving immense amount of data requires new methods of communication with computers, namely for optimal employment of their ever growing capacity, and for increasing speed and controlling rigour of computation by means of superconvergence and aposteriori estimate of errors. The main topic concerns analysis and optimization of the finite element method for solving partial differential equations describing physical processes in solid matters and fluids.

 Research themes
  • Finite element analysis
  • discretizations and space decompositions
    higher order approximations to solutions of linear and nonlinear elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations
    automatic mesh generation
    superconvergence phenomena with mathematical modeling of melting and solidification processes
    optimal approximation properties of higher order finite elements
    nonsmooth problems in continuum mechanics
    the worst scenario method
   Hanek  Martin   Ph.D. student
   Křížek  Michal   Researcher
   Kůs  Pavel   Researcher
   Málek  Tomáš   Researcher
   Rozložník  Miroslav   Researcher
   Segeth  Karel   Researcher
   She  Bangwei   Researcher
   Šístek  Jakub   Researcher
   Švadlenka  Karel   Researcher
   Vejchodský  Tomáš   Researcher


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   Calvo  Juan Gabriel   Postdoc    from 2016 to 2017
   Hlaváček  Ivan   Researcher    from 1970 2011
   Kůs  Pavel   Postdoc    from 2015 2018
   Kůs  Pavel   Ph.D. student    from 2007 2011
   Krasnovský  Pavol   Ph.D. student    from 2012 2015
   Málek  Tomáš   Ph.D. student    from 2007 2012
   Málek  Tomáš   Postdoc    from 2012 2014
   Novák  Jan   Ph.D. student    from 2012 2014
   Ortaggio  Marcello   Researcher    from 2008 2014
   Přikryl  Petr   Researcher    from 1970 2012
   Pravda  Vojtěch   Researcher    from 2001 2014
   Pravdová  Alena   Researcher    from 2001 2014
   Rybář  Vojtěch   Ph.D. student    from 2012 2000
   Saksa  Tytti   Postdoc    from 2016 to 2017
   She  Bangwei   Postdoc    from 2018 2018
   Šístek  Jakub   Postdoc    from 2009 2013
   Tintěra  Tomáš   Ph.D. student    from 2013 2014
   Vitásek  Emil   Researcher    from 1970 2015