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Eduard Čech Distinguished Visitor

The Eduard Čech Distinguished Visitor Programme has been established with the aim to significantly enhance the creative environment in the Institute by bring here highly distinguished mathematicians for prolonged periods. The visitors are expected to deliver a series of at least three lectures for the mathematical community and to essentially develop scientific collaboration with the mathematicians in the Institute.



Vojtěch Rödl belongs to the top world mathematicians in the field of combinatorics. He authored more than 300 articles. He became famous by his work in Ramsey theory but later obtained significant results in many other branches of combinatorics. Many of his results deal with Erdős's problems of which he has solved more than 20, including very difficult ones. In particular he and Peter Frankl proved the Erdős and Hanani conjecture. The method by which it was solved is referred to as Rödl nibble. His probably most famous result is a proof of the hypergraph regularity lemma, which he published with his students in a series of articles. This enables one to prove Szemerédi's theorem on arithmetic progressions in dense subsets of integers by purely combinatorial means as well as some other results of this kind.
Vojtěch Rödl was twice an invited speaker on the ICM, in Kyoto in 1990, and Soul in 2014 where he held a plenary lecture. He is a recipient of many awards, in particular, Der Humboldt-Preis in 1996, Bernard Bolzano Medal in 2011, George Pólya Prize in 2012. He is a member of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic.
Vojtěch Rödl visits the Institute of Mathematics regularly and cooperates with its members.
Part of the programme of Prof. Rödl's visit is the 15th Eduard Čech Lecture on 6th December 2018.


Giovanni Paolo 

Giovanni P. Galdi is the Leighton E. and Mary N. Orr Professor of Engineering and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Pittsburgh. He is also Honorary Professor in the TATA Institute of Fundamental Research, India, and the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany.
His contribution to the well-posedness of the Navier-Stokes equations has influenced generations of mathematicians. In particular, his extensive research monograph "An Introduction to the mathematical theory of the Navier-Stokes equations" (Springer-Verlag 2011) dedicated to the resolution of the sixth of the seven Millennium Prize Problems announced by the Clay Institute, has, to date, received over 27,000 downloads. With his work, Prof. Galdi has also pioneered several other fundamental areas of mathematical fluid mechanics, including dynamics of viscoelastic fluids, steady-state and time-periodic bifurcation of flow past an obstacle, and fluid-structure interactions. In this latter respect, in collaboration with his junior associates, in 2015 he published a memoir that positively answers a famous conjecture formulated by Nikolai Joukowsky in 1885 regarding the motion of a body with an interior liquid-filled cavity.
Part of the programme of Prof. Galdi's visit is the 14th Eduard Čech Lecture on 14 December 2017 and the Minicourse on the Navier-Stokes equations on February 12–16, 2018.

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